Balance deduction issue & poor customer service.

Location/place: cochin

Name of company/service: Airtel

This complaint of mine is regarding the Airtel’s balance deduction phenomena(automatic reduction,if i recharge today with rs.50 tomorrow my balance become 40 & so on till reaching zero balance).For reducing balance they will send some reason(downloading this game,suscribing this & that etc),which the user ,that’s me is ignorant abt that!!!Strange but it’s true!I have took the airtel connection 2 months before with much expectaion,but sad to say that i am dissapointed in a terrible way.And regarding customer service ,it’s below par in every terms.Most of the time this facility(customer service) will be out of order.Frankly saying i have lost perhaps more than 100,in this issue.Now i am looking to escape from the airtel through MNP or even by taking new connection.

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