Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Airtel

on date july 6 i had recharged my number with a balance of 60… a day later i happened to see that my balance was 0.96 from 50 rs… in the interim i had just made a call for a mins n few messages… my sim include a plan wherein i am entitled for daily 100 messages free..after a chargable 1st message…
due to the suspicious cut in the balance i called up the customer care number…
both the executives were reluctant enough…. n did cut my call after saying me to hold on…. when i asked the reason for the balance cut they said i had done 150 messages…. acc to TRAI act 101th message onwards is barred…no one is entitled to message above 100 messages… which clearly states the airtel executive gave me a false reason….
i had to make an urgent message due to which i recharged my sim again at around 9pm…
after that had send 2 messages…. n was charged 2 rs for the same where in am entitled for free messages….
hence to aviod balance cut i neither messaged anyone nor called ….
waited for the calender date to change n then to my shock… my outgoing stopped stating balance 0.0….
when i had send only 2 messages then where are my 48rs balance….
including this i previously had complains regarding automatic activation of some rubbish value added services without any request for the same… the refund was promoised but never given….
please take sufficient action regarding the same


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