Location/place: New delhi

Name of company/service: BAJAJ

Dear sir,

In response to mail received by me on 25-2-2011 (the same has been copied at the bottom), I further wish to inform you that I am surprised at your information system, which made you understand that my request has been attended to my satisfaction. Without even taking my feedback, you have come to the conclusion that it has been done to my satisfaction !! Please do share that information with me also, so that I am also enlightened about this.

If you are satisfied about my satisfaction just to close your complaint/query to keep your records clear then god help us all. This attitude raises a serious question as to the quality of customer care services you want to give to your customer that too after giving them third rate quality vehicle having following major qualities :-

-rusting all over the body at countless number of places.

-Worst pick up one can expect from such vehicle.

-Unable to take load of two persons having normal weight.

-Workshop (M/s Dewan Motors Dwarka) people opened the engine without taking my concurrence for the same and since then the same is leaking, they have tried to

adjust the leakage many times thereafter but the same is still leaking.

-When I raised the question of engine opening w/o my consent then just to satisfied me 1 senior technician scolded the mechanic that “why did he do that, without

discussing it with him” BUT that is of me use to me.

-When I complained to Manager he tried to brush it off by saying it all happens, the mechanics are local & do not have all the required training. This is the status & attitude

of people working at your workshops !!

Please don’t just try to close my complaint, the vehicle is open to inspection by anybody form your side, the problems are so many that they can’t be replaced to my satisfaction at all.

M/S Dewan Motors Dwarka people are always trying to mislead and fool me, they have been calling me to get the defects corrected, giving me the solutions that are just eye wash, everytime just wasting my time.

I have a strong feeling that everbody just wants to close the file………….

I request you to give some important to my problem, I have already suffered a lot of financial loss & I am too much mentally disturbed by all this & unable to work because of this. I request you to take up the matter with your higher authorities to solve it to my satisfaction.

I am so much mentally disturb by all this, that I am willing to take this up at any forum I can.

My request to all of you is to please just exchange my vehicle with a new one & help me out all these troubles I m going thru.

Assurance of best service at all times, as mentioned in following mail, can’t be just a phrase,

one should mean it and do it, which is not happening in my case.

Assuring you of best co-operation from my side

Awaiting a prompt and favourable reply


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