Location/place: palakkad,Kerala

Name of company/service: BAG IT TODAY

i am Vinod.c from kerala,
My Order Id: 1015681208 & 1014714983
After a call received from Bag it Today,for a package for 4 Nights and 5 Days in Selected cities acrosss india,i paid a Sum or Rs.5998/- and addidtional Rs.450/- in the month of January-2012.At the time of Paying money they,told me,promised me that , you will get a hotel booking according to my wish in selected Hotels in inda.for that i have to fill up their form and send back them 21 Days in Advance,according to that ,i done , and my destination was Hydrabad.IN their brochure,its clearly mentioned also, i have to send the application form ,at least 21 Days in advance, and one thry receive th epayment,they call meback for further verification.But, unfortunately i did not received any call form so called company.i wait few more days,then i made call to BAG IT TODAY,after a couple of days they picked up the phone ,when i began to talk them, they told that ,they do have ahotel accomodationat hydrabad,nad you can try for someother palce,I PAID MONEY TO BAG IT TODAY,ONLY TO GO TO HYDRABAD,THAT ALSO THE FIRST WEEK OF APRIL-2012,because,i already planned my vaccation according to their offer.
Then i told them,if you are not providing me a hotel booking at hydrabad, i want to cancel muy booking and return back my money,they agree d with me after a loong talk ,which took place for 2 weeks.Now they claming that they return back my money,which is credited into my account on 20 march 2012,i will tell that its a LIE from BAG IT TODAY,which is apart of the big company,INDIA TODAY.later i send them my bank statement twice to them ,but they are not admiting that they did not pay back my money.more over they were asking again and again tosend the bank details,insted of returning my money.
So please do the necessery action as the earliest.
Thanking you


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