bad service of 3g..internet

Location/place: uttar pradesh. bareilly

Name of company/service: bsnl

my name is ramesh.. and i have parchace an bsnl 3G usb modem(imei-359755025127206… worth RS. 4000 in begning of parchasing company give good internet service .but after 2 month this company lotted my 4000 ..i mean company is totaly their is no internet service,,whenever i tried to conect to internet some times the siganls problem some times its not conected..and some times when its conected its not abel to open even an singel page of tell me what i should do with this frod my 4000 ruppes is totaly in dusbend..pleas help me so that i can do work in internet..give me some sugestaion..thanks


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