Bad Service and High Service Charge

Location/place: Trivandrum

Name of company/service: Indus Motors

Bill Amount : Rs 7,200

Vehicle Service :Unusable State

I have given my omni vehicle to INDUS MOTORS in Kumarapuram, Trivandrum 0n 3rd Feb 2010. (Contact : Abilash) Following were the problems before giving the vehicle for service 1. Tyre ( worn out ) 2. Oil Leak 3. Wheel Alignment 4. Break :- Screeching Sound .
After the service ( 6th Feb 2010), to my horror I found that vehicle is running only around 40 KM at 4th gear and having lot of noise when accelrator pedal is pressed. These problems were not there when it was given for service. When They produced the bill, there was no mention of the clutch problem.
I complained subsequently and again gave the vehicle to set right the problem on 13th Feb .
INDUS did not do any service and returned the vehicle saying service is done .
On 19th Feb , I again took the vehicle to Indus , and Mechanic Krishna Kumar took a drive and said there is problem in the vehicle and clutch needs repair. Clutch problem was not there when I gave vehicle for service. They have spoiled my vehicle and It has become almost useless to drive .
This dealer is not responsing to my queries and informed me that you can compalin to any one , they don’t care . This is the attitude of the deleer.

On showing the bill to other service agency , they said this dealer is charging 3 times the normal service charge

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