Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: Airtel

from Ambika Singh
to [email protected]
date Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 7:30 AM
subject Complaint Against Your Franchisee: Communication Zone, Shahdara
hide details 7:30 AM (2 minutes ago)
Dear Airtel Team,

This mail is in regards to bad experience I have faced at your Airtel outlet: Communication Zone in Shahdara.

I went to your outlet on 23rd March evening to make my bill payment but your representative replied card machine is not working there, I moved out quietly .

And now today morning , you guys barred my outgoing. I agree there is a delay from my end in bill payment but then today evening I again went to your outlet at 7:35 PM to make bill payment but they said no to take Cash payment even . After insisting a lot they people took my payment, and said this will be updated by Monday. (48 working hours TAT)

Moreover It was half shutter down, when I asked them to pull it up they people gave cold looks to me . Moreover, It is actually a regular practice. On Sundays they open outlet by elevenish and by 7:15 PM they put their shutter down. One suggestion WHY DON’T YOU CHUCK OUT SUCH EFFICIENT EMPLOYEES??

Whenever we ask for any information they ask to call on 121, if this kind of service your relationship centre is giving than I would better suggest to put a Machine like Vodafone has to collect payment as your franchisee is just interested to sell new connection.

I hereby would like strict action against this outlet and would be seeking a reply over my concern.

Otherwise I guess I need to look for other available options.

Ambika Singh

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