backing out from onsite warranty/guarantee

Location/place: Panchkula near Chandigarh

Name of company/service: Yogen N Ved 309/310 Galaxy Complex Opp Sarabhai Chemicals, Wadi Vadi, Alkapuri Vadodara, India 390007 Mobile No.09428520447 email:[email protected]

I had placed order for Four SIMS 4 STANDBY+3.2″TOUCHSCREEN+CAMERA ROCKER R47/HUAXIA N5800i MOBILE Item No.200664921274 vide paise pay ID 30160420503 from the seller whose information is given below through ebay India on 24th October, 2011.
His address is as below:
Yogen N Ved 309/310 Galaxy Complex Opp Sarabhai Chemicals, Wadi Vadi, Alkapuri Vadodara, India 390007 Mobile No.09428520447

and email address is:[email protected]

As per description onsite guarantee/warranty was provide for one year alongwith lifetime free service. When I received the item it was not carrying any bill and warranty letter and other accessories as per description in the listing of the item on ebay and the item was replaced after my talking/emailing to ebay and the seller. The phone was replaced in November, 2011. Now the phone after 6 months has become faulty.Its touch screen and dailing kees are not working. As the seller gave one year onsite guarantee/warranty, but the seller is now denying from onsite warranty/guarantee. I tried to contact him on phone firstly he refused for any repairs etc. but when I asked him to go to consumer court he said that I should send the phone to him for which he is expecting that I should pay the courier charges. The seller has not been trustworthy since the begining. When one year onsite warranty/guarantee has been given he should provide it onsite. I would seek your help by using your good office so that I may not have to involve in any litigation by talking/writing to him and by pressurizing through local authorities there etc. Hoping for an early response.
Yours sincerely,
Pawan Kumar
Panchkula (Near Chandigarh)


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  1. Abhishek Avatar

    Yogen Ved is the biggest FRAUD seller in eBay


    I practically got cheated by him first i purchased a skull candy headphone which he said was original and i purchased for 1000rs. but when i received the item to my shock it was a Chinese copy which was merely 100-150rs. i tried to ignore the fact that i had lost my money by this fraud but only after 2 months it stopped working i contacted yogen ved but he ignored my mails and after 1 month of persuasion he finally told me to sent it back ….i sent back the item but he denied of receiving it for 2-3 weeks finally after calling him he accepted but then again i wait for 2-3 weeks to send the item back but he didn’t…. now he doesn’t reply to my mails and when i call him he says to send the item but 2-3 months have passed i haven’t received the item yet…TO my surprise i got cheated and my product also was taken by him..I urge u never to buy from this fraud.AS he sells Chinese products and claims them to be original and treats u very well until you fall in trap of purchasing from him and then never reply to your email or pick your calls

    Fraudster info—
    Yogen ved
    [email protected]
    yogen ved

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