axis bank cheated on processing fees

2 months before I have aplied for home loan transfer from lichfl to axis bank, after reading the advertisement in news paper, that axis bank offers the fix intt. Rate of 10.40, while aplying for the same mr. Vijaykumar from axis bank told me that i have to pay 5619 rupees towards processing of the balance transfer, as the loan sanction was taking more time than expected i asked mr. Vijaykumar to refund the money back, but he said he can not give the money back now.
But as per the terms and conditions untill i receive the sanction letter in hand axis bank should not charge me anything.
As i am no more now interrested in axis bank loan (they are the cheaters) I want my money back. How anybank can charge money without providing the sactioned letter.



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  1. Ashish Avatar

    Yes, its true, they have so many hidden charges, no one should choose axis bank for Home Loan

    — Ashish

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