Avoiding Refund

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Yatra.com – Yatraonline.com

On 27th November I had to reach Raipur with my wife as my mother expired at 1.30 AM there.
I booked a flight thru Yatra.com by making payment online thru my credit card. Trip ID is Yatra Reference No.: 2711102329. Prior to this the online authorisation failed for some reason which showed on their website as Trip ID Yatra Reference No.: 2711102300 for the same return journey.
I had to cancel the Raipur Mumbai Bangalore flight as I had to return a day earlier and a flight via Hyderabad was available.
I tried cancellation online but as this failed due to website problem I called their customer service for cancellation of the ticket and provided the necessary information to her by email on [email protected] as desired. I also booked a return ticket via Hyderabad Trip ID Yatra Reference No.: 27111019792.
After many days of regular follow up and feeding information such as the Credit card statement, payment details, transaction completion one fine day I received a call from Yatra’s Puneet that the ticket became a NO SHOW as I had quoted a wrong Trip ID.
After much escalations I received an email from their Mr. Abhay Nath that they would refund me the money as per the No Show clauses of the airline.
The money did not come to my credit card company till date. Instead of full refund they credited only Rs. 2000 with the credit card company.

This amounts to LOOTING the customer and I have lost trust and confidence in this company and
a. complained to their CEO via Linked in.
b. Have complained to the credit card company about the merchant’s fraudulent behaviour and my dispute.
c. I am writing here to seek help.
d. I have also posted message on Yatra’s Facebook page seeking refund and sharing my mistrust with them.
e. I have also written to my friends on Linkedin and Twitter about the struggle I am having in getting my refund.

My question is:
a. Why should a failed transaction on a credit card still feature on their website when another transaction for the same sector is paid for and approved by the credit card company?
b. What does a customer service at the cancellation desk do when she sees ‘Unconfirmed” remarks on such transaction? Why can they not look at the transaction which has passed and help the customer with the cancellation process in time?
c. Why don’t they look into the documenation sent with the mails which they asked for to know the truth?
d. Why did they not look into the ‘c’ above and cancel the booking on time rather that letting it become NOSHOW – which I doubt ! They have no care for customer in mind and they fail in the duty of care to the customer because of their sheer incompetence.
e. They also fail to inform me in time inspite of my repeated request emails for refund about the correct of my ticket cancellation and refunds.
f. Rude people call over phone who do not have the complete background of the case inspite of providing all attachments in time several times.
g. Escalations to the senior team members finally evokes a response defending the incompetent staff and letting the customer suffer.
h. Misleading statements and promises about the refund are made and the quoted amount is not refunded till date.

Who is the Regulatory body which provides help to customers like me with redressal of my complaint with such untrustworthy and unprofessional online ecommerce websites?

What help can your site give me in this regard to help recover my due hard earned money from these people.


Dhananjay parkhe


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