Avoid Make My Trip Online Booking

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Make My Trip

Dear All,

To save time we use such online agents, some of the disadvantages are as follows:

This companies do not have their help-desk at airport.
No customer call support, their support are IVR based.
Their e-tickets information are incomplete.
Airliners do not take responsibilities of these agents.

Recently, I booked my flight to Hyderabad from Mumbai through Make My Trip. Flight was of Air India.
I was on time at Mumbai Domestic Airport and came to know from help-desk of Air India that flight will depart from International Airport.

I missed my flight, There was no intimation of Domestic/International airport on make my trip e-ticket. When checked e-ticket of Air India departure from International airport was specified.

I loss my money & time.

After doing loads of follow-up, I got refund of 75% amount of flight that was missed. No compensation for my delay & other flight.

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