Automatic deduction of balance without customer approval

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Uninor

My father is using Uninor service with phone number +917396526188. On April 30th we have recharged this number with Rs 20 top up.on May 1st 2012, they have automatically activated a VAS feature and deducted Rs 10 from the balance without any request from customer. I called to customer care agent on that day and they said that after I disconnect the service they will refund the amount, but still they haven’t refunded it. When I called them on 6th may they said that servers are down and asked me to call again. Again,today i.e., 12th May I called them up and enquired why they haven’t provided the refund. First they gave me a response that I have selected a wrong option while disconnecting. But I said that I have choosen the correct option and asked them to verify again. Then they started saying that the VAS feature was activated on 22nd april and I have disconnected on 1st May. Then I asked them how did they activate VAS on the mobile as it had less than 1 ruppee balance on 22nd April. Also I got a message only on 1st May saying that VAS feature got activated on the mobile. I insisted them to take a complaint on this but they were not ready to take the complaint. They say that next time this will not be repeated and sorry for inconvenience. Still I insisted to take the complaint on the loss happened but they are not taking the complaint. I asked them to forward the call to their supervisor but they replied saying supervisor is not available and asked me to call them again. But I dont want to waste any more time taking to these representatives. Can this be taken as consumer greviance against the Uninor service provider. Please let me know and help me in this regard.

Thank you.


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