ATM debited Rs. 2500 but received only Rs. 700

Location/place: Munrika New Delhi

Name of company/service: Punjab National Bank

Dear Sir,
I am operating my Axis bank Saving A/C No. 911010055923819 at Sultanpur (U.P.). On 14th April 2012 at (time) 13:13 I tried to withdraw Rs. 2500 from Punjab National Bank ATM, E-38, Village Munirka, New Delhi but I got only Rs. 700 and Rs. 2500 is debited from my account. I complained through Axis Bank Customer care on 14/04/2012 with reference No. 1204040052. After your unsatisfactory response, customer care executive suggest me to submit written complain at Axis Bank and I have complained many a times at different branches but they took no action. I have fed up with the banking services and response in this matter.
So this is my request to you to look into the matter and help me to credit the lost amount (Rs. 1800) at earliest.
Please refer the below Details in this regarding:-
Name: Anurag Mishra
Account no: 911010055923819.
Home Branch: Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Transaction No: 4361
Transaction Of amount: Rs. 2500
Received Amount: Rs. 700
Deducted Amount from A/C: Rs. 2500
Lost Amount: Rs. 1800
Date of transaction: 14-04-2012
Transaction ATM: Punjab National Bank ATM, E-38, VILLAGE MUNIRKA New Delhi.
ATM ID: 14016200

Looking forward to your kind and immediate response.

Anurag Mishra

Address: – H. No. 279 Payagipur, Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh – 228001
Phone No. : 9873393118
E-mail ID- [email protected]


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