Alagappa University Atrocities…

Location/place: Chennai

Name of company/service: Alagappa University

Name : Javeed Miyan (+91-9080850967)

Course : B.Sc. Information Technology (IT)

Year : 3rd year (Completed)

Enrollment Number : 081290099

I would like to bring to everybody’s notice about the irregularities that is happening in ALAGAPPA UNIVERSITY and furthermore a very very distressing struggle of a single student and I believe most of the students are facing almost the same issue.

1- From the 1st year there were no classes conducted what-so-ever, when asked, the study centre their responses are “WE DO NOT HAVE ANY VENUE TO CONDUCT CLASSES AND AS IF YOU SCORE 100%” which is very very rude, lethargic and just not bothered about anything.

2- So I wanted to contact the University about the same but the contact numbers (given in the website) are just ringing and nobody ever picks up the phone, Which is an absolute waste of time. After about trying for 3 – 4 days One person finally
picked up and gave controller of examination number which never existed and I called him again and informed that the number is not working. He again gave another number and I tried the number which keeps ringing and nobody ever picks up. I got fed-up and called him once again to inform the same, but he said that “YOU ARE A STUDENT AND YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO CALL THIS NUMBER AND ON TOP OF THAT IF YOU WANT SOMETHING TO HAPPEN YOU SHOULD TRY UNTIL YOU DIE” what kind of response is that…? and he works for the university, which is just unbelievable…

3- During the 3rd year the marks were supposed to be published online in their official website by mid July 2011 but it was not published on-time and when I mailed (on 06 Aug 2011) the university they replied saying that the marks are published already but it was not really published as I have the screen shot on the same day (on 06 Aug 2011) when they replied to me.

So I mailed them back again and they sent me a reply with my marks information from their Official database also with an error as they left-out (a subject missing from the official mark-statement issued by the University) one subject of mine which is 3.6 Lab : Visual Basic and oracle (PRACTICALS). So I contacted my so-called study centre to enquire about the left-out PRACTICALS but they simply said that they (University) were the ones who made the mistake so contact them. So I mailed University again and they sent me ANOTHER PHYSICAL HARD COPY Mark-Sheet corrected.

4- Last and the more serious and worst things ever happened to me when I raised a grievance (through the University website) on the official website ( about the classes that were not conducted and the attitude of the study centre people. In About 2 weeks I was THREATENED by a person who came home and THREATENED that I should withdraw the complaint that I made on the study centre. I immediately gave him the withdrawal letter not becoz I was scared, simply becoz I was told that the issue will be sorted out and the classes will be conducted for sure and the previous papers will be cleared somehow.

But till date nothing ever happened and absolutely no change, its all the same and worse.

5- My 3rd year completed on May 2011 so I appeared to write my arrears of 6papers (3theory and 3practicals) on Dec2011 but only 4 have been cleared and remaining 2(Theory) I have to Re-Appear again on May2012 but the best part is that the University or the study centre never notified me as to when I have to make the exam fee payment or when the exam starts as usual and when asked they said that its the University’s job not our’s, as usual the “BLAME GAME”.

I also understand that being a student I should never really stand against MY GURUKULAM i.e. My University (the holy place that gives me knowledge) but when a University threatens me with a GOONDA I think I can stand against them legally, unfortunately that gives me a good-enough reason to seek legal assistance.

All the above information/issues can be verified with some of the other Alagappa students mentioned below with their contact information…

Nafees = +91-9043447776

Saravanan = +91-9942968886

Saravanan C = +91-9940112628

KaniMozhi = +91-9003012362

Laxman = +91-9941332938

Padma = +91-9940231934

Zaheer = +91-7299268883

Most of the above informations are very generic, mentioned below are the incident specific details/legends for reference.

For (1) – My study centre contact information

Location : Chennai

Study Centre : Parrys centre

Study centre contact numbers : +91-9962619550 / +91-9840678459 / +91-9962744255

Study Centre Landline number : 044-42620033

Study Centre Owner (Tajudeen’s) number : +91-9884088986

For (2) – These were the University numbers I called +91-4565-228080 to 228095 , +91-04565-226001

100% Adherence cannot be expected from students when a University is so irresponsible in all ways…

Thank you for taking the time to read my Mail/Grievance.

I’m writing this here with all good faith and hope that it will be resolved…


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