Airtel Pospaid ripping customer in the name of pro-rata

Location/place: Santa Cruz, Mumbai

Name of company/service: Airtel Postpaid

My number is 9004792226 from Airtel postpaid. Recently I purchased a smart mobile and activated GPRS- Rs 98 for 1GB on 27th may 2012. My billing cycle is from every month 5th, so the guy who activated said abstractly that it will be charged on pro-rata basis. I downloaded data counter application to track my internet usage and was using extensively. On jun 1st I used upto 800MB and suddenly got a msg that I have to pay 3000 to continue use my internet and it was blocked. I called their pathetic customer service with clueless bozos manning the desk, and he said I have exceeded my credit limit (I really have no idea what it is) and have to wait till my bill generate. I asked whether these charges will be waived off in my next bill and he emphasized that it will.

Yesterday my bill was generated for Rs 6200!!!!! my mobile usage was exactly 794MB as I calculated and they waived off only Rs 3000 and dumped the remaining charge to my bill!!!!!. I immediately called the customer service and he said that as per pro-rata they will only waive off 300MB and I have to pay the remaining 500MB usage on 10paise/10KB!!!!!! means I have to pay Rs 5000 for 500MB – are these guys somalian pirates????

No one informed me about this 300mb crap when I activated
Even when I called them after my internet was blocked, they assured that my internet charges will be completely waived off for Rs 98

Now they are singing completely different story which I am totally unaware of!! who in their right mind will pay Rs 5000 for 500MB @ 20KBPS speed? I have Airtel broadband at home which I pay Rs 1400 for unlimited @ 4MBPS. I filed a complaint regarding my bill – 44030964 and the guy told that someone from billing dept will call me within a day but its status was changed to Resolved without my concern!!!!

Are they expecting me to pay Rs 6200 as mobile bill? I am not a millionaire pals! they didnt even inform that your free usage as been exceeded when I crossed 300MB. How mean is that?

Usually my mobile bill will be less than Rs 1000 and I pay that promptly on the same day when the bill gets generated.

Have some mercy on your customers!!!

I am just asking them to charge Rs 98 completely and waive off the internet amount from my bill. But they wouldn’t do that coz the charges are VALID.

Is this my mistake? or the representative’s who gave abstract and misleading information while activating????

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