Airtel False Billing

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Airtel

1) I had given clear instructions with acknowledgment from Airtel Customer Care personnel, that I will use 2G GPRS till 2GB only, I don’t want anything beyond that. If anything further beyond this is required or I cross the 2GB limit, someone from Airtel customer care will call me or provide an SMS that I’m crossing the limit and if I wish to continue further. I didn’t receive any such call or sms and only when the amount of usage crossed by Rs 4000on 5th May the GPRS service was barred and then I came to know about it.

Same day I have asked them to convert into unlimited bill plan @Rs 199 as per our corporate bill plan, But they responded back with a wrong mobile no, I have written back with my correct mobile no, but thereafter there was no response from them, neither it was considered durig billing.

2) Since the date I have activated GPRS, the usage has never gone beyond 500MB or beyond 1GB and in the month of May it suddenly overshoot by 2GB was surprising. Wherease in the month of May I have not done anything different than any other month so that it could
result in such a high usage. At home I always use GPRS via WIFI Router through
BSNL broadband. Once the WIFI mode is set on the GPRS mode is stopped.
Obviously when WIFI is used GPRS will not be charged, but I could see them in
my bill. With a 2G speed even if a mobile is kept 24 hours on, as per the
analysis seen one can never cross the 2GB limit, but in this month it has
happened so.

3) On 5th May 2012 I have received SMS from airtel that my free usage has exceeded
and outstanding amount of Rs 4000+ needs to be paid immediately. On calling
customer care, I understood that GPRS has been barred from my phone effective
5th May. Why it was stopped after crossing Rs 4000+ after the free usage and
why not immediately after the free usage has been consumed, if at all as per
your system it calculated correctly the 2GB of free usage pack ?

4) My credit limit is Rs 1800, why and who gave the authority to go beyond that
? I knew with my credit limit with the ISD and others activated that my bill
will never cross Rs 1800 as per the credit limit and that’s the reason I always
maintain a low credit limit. Why it was not stopped after crossing Rs 1800
(credit limit) after the free usage and why not immediately after the free
usage has been consumed, if at all as per your system it calculated correctly
the 2GB of free usage pack ?

My Billing cycle is from 11th of every month to 10th of next month, in the May month my billing should have started from 11th April, but as per Airtel language their “state of the art billing system” has billed me for mobile internet from 05-Apr-2012 to 10th April (serial no 1 to 76) — look at the billing generated by your state of the art billing system for bill number “759178438”, this is just one of the example I’m showing how you are cheating your customers. This mobile internet was also charged from 05-Apr to 10 th April 2012 in my previous bill no as well which was generated on 12th April 2012 against bill number “737446800” .

— After long follow up Airtel got this reversed but failed to take action on the below points and everytime I ask them they keep saying that they have billed it correctly, but till date they failed to provide me to the direct questions below which I had asked them.
After reversing this amount with repeated follow-ups they mentioned to me that due to kind gesture we have reversed this amount and failed to acknowledge that their “so called state of the art billing system” failed to get the appropriate billing.

Also attached the email communication which was sent by me on 6th May 2012 to convert my GPRS plan to an unlimited one, which would have avoided this scenario, but your state of the art billing system has failed to activate that, neither there has been any response from your side on this email.

Logged the below Service Requests, but all of them has been closed without providing the answers and resolving the problem as stated above in my 1-4 points, finally they have disconnected the phone as per my request but has never resolved the issue :-

1 43913077 Request Churn 30/05/2012 Resolved Give Feedback
2 43870986 Complaint Billing 28/05/2012 Resolved Give Feedback
3 43747433 Complaint Billing 21/05/2012 Closed Give Feedback
4 43685453 Complaint Network 16/05/2012 Cancel
5 43639792 Complaint Churn 14/05/2012 Cancel
6 43620351 Complaint Billing 13/05/2012 Closed Give Feedback
7 43503646 Request Churn 06/05/2012 Closed Give Feedback
8 43503148 Request Churn 06/05/2012 Closed Give Feedback
9 43500858 Request Churn 06/05/2012 Closed Give Feedback
10 41870774 Complaint Service Related 31/01/2012 Closed Give Feedback

Also written at Airtel Presence – Reference No : PO052400054 , but no response from them too.


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