Air tel -limit set but bill reached fourtimes high

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: Jawaharlal Nehru University

I am using the phone no. 9971633770 which is booked in my sons name in 2007 and I am using since then I am a regular timely payer of my phone bill. The average of my bill is around Rs. 600/- per month. I have set my limit on phone is Rs 1500/- maximum. In July 2012 the bill came Rs. 6000/+ to which I was surprised. I contacted several times to waive it off. but Airtel company is not listening to it. I told them look at my previous history and charge me accordingly. they did not paying any attention rather started giving me offer after two months passed when I sought for disconnection. started with Rs. 1000/- discount and reached upto 2,500/- whereas Rs.5000/- plus has been charged more compared to my regular average bill.
I want my money back from them.which is beyond my set limit.


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