Air India Negligence and Harassment

Location/place: SILCHAR-11

Name of company/service: ASSAM UNIVERSITY

I am here by lodging a complaints for the negligence, non-cooperation and harassment from the stuff of the Kolkata Airport on 21st Nov 2010. Results- quite harassment and loss of money and valuable time.!!
I had a valid confirm ticket to travel to Silchar on flight IC 253 from Kolkata with a scheduled departure time of 1.35 PM (13.35Hrs). I arrived at Airport by 12.30 PM and immediately checking my language I stood on the queue at counter No-6 by 12.35 PM. At that time the counter No-5 & 6 were working for economy class passengers. The counter No-6 was just jammed and not moved (Probably computer hanged). I was either third or fourth person on that queue. I enquired thrice to the counter person (A male person was issuing boarding passes) for the non -progressing of the queue. Twice he could not reply, and once replied that it will take time (time lageba). I was little confused and then went to counter no 9/10 which is the last one (where one person sitting and taking over phone) and asked whether he can issued boarding pass? He replied negative. I thought to be stand at counter No-5, by that time I found counter no-6 started to move. In between two passengers stood on that line as because the queue was not proper (due to with and without passengers having luggage with Trolley and without Trolley).
Even, I was asking the assisting person who was putting the luggage about the delay process of queue, but they were confused too.
When ultimately I placed my ticket, the Counter person said go and meet with Dy. Manager just writing that reported at 1.10 PM on my ticket (though just immediately he issued a boarding pass for the same Silchar flight IC 253 to a passenger immediate before me.!!)
I went to Dy Manager’s (on duty) cabin and found no one is there. He came by 1.25 PM and instead of listening my words he just blame on me as late reporting (No Show Passenger). Nor he behaved properly nor he listen my words. He just ask me to re-issue my ticket for another day just putting a comments on the ticket.
Ultimately, I issued another ticket for 22nd Nov paying Rs.1800/- more and left airport and boarded into a hotel on my own.
Now I am having the following questions.
• 1st of all, the Air India should check how may boarding pass issued from counter no-6 from 12.30 to 1.05 PM (specially 12.35PM to12.55PM, when there was no movement on the queue).
• Why the person was issuing the boarding pass should not provide proper reply and would not take proper care for the passengers whose flight is flying early.
• Why there would not be a person to assist the passengers standing on the queue?
• When the last ticket issued just before be me for the same flight then why it was denied to me?
• Why Dy.Manager should not investigate the matter and provide a satisfactory reply?
• The timing of my baggage security checking could be checked and my timing of standing at the queue and the movement of mine for enquiring can also be checked from the security camera.
• I am ready to provide any further information you require in that direction.

This letter has been sent to Mr.Sanjiv Kumar, General Manager (O) Customer Services
2nd Floor Main Reservation Building, Safdarjung Airport, New Delhi 110-003 on 22nd Nov 2010 over email and talked with Mrs. Dipika Zasuza over phone of that office on 23rd Nov 2010 and I asked her to give an explanation from her side so that I can decide the further action in that direction. Till date, 27th Nov 2010 no response I get from her side.

Thanking you,
Dr. Subhabrata Dutta
Associate Professor,
Assam (Central) University

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