Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: SVYM Bangalore

Dear Sir, Madam,

Sub: details of docomo no.+918015121290

Pls try to send me the agent personal details to find my cargo.Noor mohmad used to call me from this number.
Hi this is Selin Minin Lopis, and I used work in Singapore last year until December as a FDW.My Work permit number was 0 33556063.
Right now i am married and residing in Bangalore, India.

Before i come back to India, i have sent my all things whatever i have earned in 3 years through a cargo name UNITED COURIER AND CARGO SERVICE.My cargo was suppose to reach
my village,which is in India, within one month.I have been cheated bcoz I know that Singapore will not allow anybody to do such cheating business.Please try to help me and get my Sea cargo Number 10829

I have sent nearly 3 boxes, my clothes,a microwave, documents,glasswares,etc.I have not received any items as yet.

Agent name Noor Mohmad.He has closed his office and not even his contact numbers are working.

I have attached a cargo receipt and a Tabla news paper add with this email

Please find the attachment and help me and lot of my friends to get our things.

If possible, please send me the details of that person,where i can contact him.

Its getting very difficult for me to buy everything here again.

please try to help me.

One air cargo number 10828.I have received and Sea cargo bill number 10829 i have not received.

AWB No.10828 i have received from 145 Syed Alwi rd,Mustafa centre

GST Registration No.M20037880/6
ROC Reg.No.198000780C
Ext 0837/0819

waiting for the reply

Thanks and regards
Selin Minin Lopis


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  1. Pls try to help me this no.8015121299 personal details

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