about late crediting of employees salaries on their accounts

Location/place: kakinada, Eastgodavari, Andhra Pradesh, India

Name of company/service: A.S.D.Govt.Degree College(W)

This is to submit that as per the Governemnt norms, the salaries have been credited to the employees sb accounts through treasuries. But the bank authorities have not been credited to the employees accounts intime i.e.on every first of the month, instead with delay credited on every 4th or 5th of everymonth. This is a worriesome affair to the employees. Hence I request you to kindly see their salaries credited ontime i.e.on 1st of every month.

Our bank is State Bank of India, Jagannaickpur, Kakinada of Andhra Pradesh, India. Pin: 533001


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