A.M.U.Gas Ajency (Agent) Mr.Tariq

Location/place: Aligarh (U.P) indaia

Name of company/service: A.M.U.GAS Agency (Agent)

The Hon’ble Ministry of Natural Gas
Govt of India

Subject: Employees grievances regarding service from AMU Gas agency.


I would like to bring to your kind notice that AMU employees face great difficulties due to the delay in delivery of domestic gas from AMU Gas agency. It is particularly regrettable that not only is the service bad with office and store opening most irregularly, but the ordinary employees encounter much discourtesy and rudeness from the manager and staff of the agency

Keeping in view of the problems of the consumers of AMU gas agency I request you kindly to take necessary action against to give relief to the university and terminate the contract with the present party and establish direct management on the lines of petrol pump, where the customers have been generally served so well.
All employees concerned would be most grateful for expeditious action in this regard.

Yours respectfully

(Salman Sabir)
Member, AMU Court

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