Whirpool washing machine complaint

Location/place: cochin

Name of company/service: whirlpool

Dear Sir

I purchased one fully automatic washing machine, model no-PROFESSIONAL PUD651 on24/03/09 Due to a lot of problem and a no. of complains at last the machine was exchanged after paying Rs1800 extra with SPOT MODEL on 30/07/09.Anyway I thought now I will free from mental tension.Because,it was told to me that this is a good machine.But unfortunately now I am running under same mental tension.this machine also giving a lot of problems,now as per the whirlpool company person, this machine is having motor problem.so with having machine with spending money I have to wash cloths by hand.So my request is please refund my money.Awaiting for your earliest action.Washing machine is within warranty period.

Yours truly
S k panigrahy


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