Location/place: Delhi

Dear Sir,
This is Arvind Kumar Roy, city bank issued a credit card in 2007 whose no. is 4385878930598004 when I was student of MBA From Amity university Noida. Unfortunately I could not get the job after completion of my studies initially I pay my due but later on it discontinued one day I receive a call from city bank legal advisor named Mr. Ganguly and an employee of city bank Mr. Jayant Sharma both from Kolkata they ask for the immediate payment without acknowledging the details of card uses and payment made against it. I was feared of legal action so I could’nt ask any thing and made payment of Rs. 4000.00 ( Rs. four thousand only) on their terms and conditions. Amount settled on Rs.40000.00 (Rs. Forty thousand only) at their end. Later I wish to know my details of card uses and and payment made against it they simply refuse to provide the required information they unusually call in this regard and threaten me.
Please help me
Thanks with Best Regards


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