Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Bata India Limited

I am a shareholder of Bata India Limited. Company has given me privilege to purchase good at discount. I had purchased one shoe on 03.09.2011 for my daughter from Salt Lake City, Sector-I, Kolkata store. The price of the shoe was Rs.599/- and I availed 20% shareholder discount on the above price vide discount card no S100071960. The amount paid for shoe was Rs.479.20 after availing discount of Rs.119.20. Since, color of shoe was not matching with my daughter dress, I opted to exchange shoe with other higher cost shoe.

Store manager had co-operated and allowed me to exchange on 11.09.2011. I had selected shoe of Rs.1,199/-. At the time of payment store manager informed me that I will not get benefit of discount which I had availed on original shoe and I have to pay the differential amount, which is actual amount paid on original shoe and the MRP of exchanged shoe. The discount, which I had availed on original shoe, was lost. I had paid the differential amount Rs.719.80 (Rs.1,199/- cost of exchanged shoe minus Rs.479.20 (discounted amount paid)). The store manager has also informed that if I would have opted for an item of same price even though he will not allow discount.

I had informed the matter to customer care form the store and asked to lodge a complaint. Customer care executive had also discussed the matter with store manager over my phone and after that he lodged complaint.

Sir, around a month has passed but till date I have not received refund cheque. Customer care is offering fresh discount coupon instead of refund. I would like to submit that my concern is company policy rather than negligible monetary loss. I would like to avail the privilege, which company has given me as a shareholder of the company. I will not accept any fresh discount coupon.

I would request you kindly look the mater and arrange to refund amount of Rs.239.80 (20% discount on Rs.1199/-), discount amount which store has not given and charged extra on exchanged shoe.


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