Location/place: JALGAON

Name of company/service: MICROMAX

Respected sir,i SURENDRA NARKHEDE from JALGAON and i have purchased micromax Q5 on 12th sept 2011. i got problem charging on conductor in charging my mobile ,i had submitted to service centre n they promising to repair on and they did repaired my mobile i was so glad and happy about the services they provide. later i got the same problem after and i submitted my mobile to same service centre in jalgaon . they promised to repair within 20 days. as i waited for my mobile then ididnt get any called from them so i called up for the mobile ,they said its on the way so i will get it within a week since m a student of engg . got some study tour for a 15days abroad. so i couldnt ask for the mobile. when i return from tour, i called up , and they said its on the way , a few days later called up again they said they will called me in my no. after ten minutes after confirmation from company and never call back. this happens many times till now yesterday i called up n said the same thing they will call back after 10 minutes and never call back. can u imagine repairing a mobile takes 70 days. i lost my 70 days of warranty . and m really really not satisfied woth this service. i want my money which i paid for. if you cant provide the service which micromax promise and warranty why would you say so , you micromax trying to fool people??????please take action on this. i want my money back . i dont want my mobile phone back. my mobile phone model no. Q5, IMEI Q5B101033635. please take action by authorised and i dnot want my phone just rEPAIR my money which i purchased GET BACK. thanking you


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