Giostar Has Given Me New Hope By Treating My Autistic Child

It is very painful to see retarded development of your child because of a disease like autism, which encompasses a range of disorders with common symptoms. I can understand this pain and the problems that a child goes through when affected by autism, as I share the same problem with my child. It was hard to belief that my child was autistic, but I never wanted to give up hope. What kept the light of my hopes burning is Giostar Hospital. Giostar is the pioneer of Stem Cell Therapy in India and brings its benefits to Indian masses. This kind of treatment is already prevalent in western and European countries, but Stem Cell Therapy in India is new concept, and it is hard to trust just any hospital, especially when it concerns your child’s health.

However, earlier success stories of Giostar, and its well-equipped and well-informed team of doctors kept up my hopes and answered it too. At Giostar Hospital, I understood how stem cells work and how this treatment helps in curing autism. Normally, adult stem cells, derived from tissues of the umbilical cord are utilized for treating autism, which is more effective that the existing investigative treatments that try to repeal the symptoms by administering hyperbaric oxygen, antibiotics, etc.


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