Very big Multi level marketing Cheating

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service:

Our Company is incorporated under the company�s Act 1956, with its head office at Chennai, capital city of Tamilnadu, and is growing with service offices in various cities in India.
A team of visionaries and dreamers has designed this beautiful company, determined to build the lives style of our fellow Indians, by helping them in achieving their dreams with a life cover insurance policy to start up their business carrier. We offer one of the most important pre-requisite of every individual with insurance coverage in association with Reliance Life Insurance. With Reliance Life Insurance you can rest assured that there would always be more than what you can expect for.

Our vision and goal is to create ONE LAKE HAPPY (SECURED) FAMILES in ONE THOUSAND DAYS.

Happyway want to create awareness in the public of all over India about the security of being insured with a business opportunity.


Insurance coverage is must for every one of us especially now days, reason the very strong existence of joint family system acted as very strong protective shield against various eventualities. But now in modern system the joint family culture or the dependence of one generation to other has certainly weekend over a period of time. So it is essential, as people grow older they need a security not only for meeting out daily needs, but also for taking care of expenses arises during illness.

With the opening up of Insurance sector in India, the industry has been growing rapidly on several parameters including enhancing public investments through insurance products. But only few people live in remote area and smaller towns are able to participate and enjoy the actual benefit of this industry compared to big cities and towns. The reason for this is their premium paying option and allotment of funds is comparatively low.

Happyway reaches them in the form of Direct Referral Marketing System, where in they can start a business with life coverage.

Sir, It’s a cheating company, They will take our money nicely if u join 2 members also they wont give cheque,Even they wont do recharge too. I lost my money . I have joined 2 members 3 months back. till now i have’t get cheque & even i got 1 month recharge only. They are not responding……….
dont believe ………

Sudheer ,

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