Purchase of Flat

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Private promoter/builder

I have purchased one residential flat from private promoter and the agreement for sale was for 942 sq.ft At the time of registration, the promoter claimed it to be registered for 1046 sq.ft. since there is rise in floor area during construction. Accordingly, my flat was registered for 1046 sq.ft and for that I have to pay additional amount of Rs.172800/=. This was happened in the month November 2010. Recently, I came to know that the flat in same block in 4th floor just above my flat was registered with as per agreement for sale i.e. 942 sq.ft. There is no scope for the difference. I reaffirm with confidence. I have been misguided by the promoter. Now how can I get legal remedy. I am sure people like us should get protection through Consumer Forum. Simple ignorance and good faith on promoters are the reasons for which I am suffering loss of Rs.172800/= and further for life long I have to pay excess tax etc. if it is not resolved through legal process. I need help.I have all the documentary evidence. Both the flats are in Bank Loan.

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