nothing respone frm metaslim waste product

Location/place: banglore

Name of company/service: metaslim

Name of company/service: saptarishi metaslim
i had purchased the ayurvedic product saptarishi metaslim after watching a tv advertisement claiming that it helps in reducing excess fat through a herbal oil massage and an ayurvedic drink mixture there was also a promise of 15 days money back guarantee if i was not satisfied with the product within fifteen days of using the product it didnt meet up to its claims therefore i wanted to return the product here specifially i want to say i had ordered two batches of the product out of which one i have not yet used , therefore i called up the customer care reporting them my grievances about the product and and my wish to get my money back atleast on the unused bathc of product which i had bought , but when i called them it fell on blind ears they kept on redirecting me to unknown executives who never picked up their call and once on answering the phone they gave me a complaint no. and promised to send an agent who would take back the product but it has been quite some days but nobody has come to take it back moreover i think they are delaying in dispatching someone to take it back so that it crosses the 15 days trial offer period and so that the offer may no longer be valid , moreover when i am calling to the customer care helpline they are cutting off my call again and again
here is my complaint number which is received from them
and here is the phone number to which no one is answering
the company is fraud and i have been duped i would like to see justice done to my complai

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