Non-delivery of Product After payment by this fraud site

Location/place: India

Name of company/service:

I have ordered a Salora SM401 Mobile with Order Id-10224138 on 27 march 2012 through this site.I paid price of this mobile through Online Debit Card.After Payment I recieved a mail by them regarding my order Confirmation.(See timtara’s mail as attachement).that Delivery of the product will be in 10-15 Working Days.But after Passing Approx 3 Month,Neither I get my Product Nor get my money back.I so Many times tried to contact timtara’s representatives to enquire my product status.But There is No answering of My calls and e-mails.and If anyone Received my call then they assured me to waiting for delivery of product within 7 days.But yet now I did not find any product or my money.I am victim of this site’s fraudness and suffering from Mental haraasment due to this fraud.Please Do needful action against this site and help me to get my money and compensation for this trouble.

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