Naam Bade Aur Darshan Khote-harrssment for fees,defaulter fees,no facilities

Location/place: Aurangabad

Name of company/service: Jawaharlal Neharu Engineering College

Dear Students and parents,dont take admission to this college called as “Jawaharlal Neharu Engineering College,Aurangabad”
Its only Infrastructure is looking beutifull,but what actully goes inside o sk any student of inst.
If you are failed to attained lecture about 75% then you have to pay 100 rs. fine per lecture,otherwise they are not allowing you to submission and exm.and believe me students are pying 40 to 50 THOUSAND per sem as DEFAULTER FEE .
Beside this they are just incresing annual fees every year and just increasing infrastructure facilities but what about QUALITY of eduction..NOTHING..
So,if you want to avoid mental harrssment,never take admission to “J.N.E.C.,Aurangabad”

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