Indane Gas Dealer – Extremely bad customer service

Location/place: Cochin

Name of company/service: Ajoy Gas (Indane Gas dealer)

When customer service smells rotten and attitude towards consumers turns hostile, it won’t be long before a company and its brand get destoryed by its bad reputation.

Indane Gas is celebrated company that India has every reason to be proud of but the agencies / gas dealers who supply gas cylinders and are in direct contact with consumers are spoiling the reputation of Indane Gas in a very bad way. I live in Cochin with my family and have always had bad experiences with Ajoy Gas (our authorized gas agency). Either the cylinders will be delayed or the staff will be obnoxious in behaviour. I have often forgiven and forgotten many issues, simply thinking that the staff may be under a lot of pressure.

In an effort to improve customer service, Ajoy Gas and many others have recently opted for the Phone Booking facility. This service has further created a huge mountain of problems. I had booked my second cylinder successfully through Phone Banking and even got a number confirming my booking. Even after 15 days i did not receive my cylinder so i called up the Ajoy Gas to enquire the status.

The indecent lady who answered my call barked “What is your number?” I replied to the same. But she said, “Hey Mister, first book the gas and then enquire.” I didn’t like her tone of speec. Nevertheless, i said i had booked through Phone Banking 3 weeks back. Then suddenly she said that she has not received any intimation so there will be no gas for me.

I am really sorry to say that this lady spoke in a very indecent manner which my civility does not allow me to reproduce here. The problem was that she had not received the intimation. I had booked once so the computer did not allow me to book again. Instead of understanding my anxiety, that lady plainly stated “NO GAS FOR YOU”.

I assume that Indane Gas is supplying these agencies or is it that the staff of Ajoy Gas are supplying gas from their own gas well at home !!! This is not the way staff should speak to customers. She may be speaking thus to her husband at home but she cannot expect the common man to be a shameless fool like her family.

I have only one request to Indane Gas:

1. Pls give some soft skill training to the staff deployed at your gas dealer
2. If that is not possible, pls select good dealers who are empowered by decent, cultured and educated staff.

As consumers, we are ready to excuse a little delay here and there but such cheap behaviour from employees is not what we expect from a company od such high stature.

Request the authorities to please take up the issue at the earliest.

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