Fake promise of internet speed and irrelevant charges in bill…

I took hathway Broadband connection 2 months back, marketing person and the engineer who installed the wire/modem at my home promised that the actual download speed you will get is 32kbps to 35kbps on anytime, which I never seen I always seen 12kbps to 18kbps speed download speed max, when I contact the customer care about the speed they called back and said you will get max 20kbps to 25kbps max, I requested to give the download speed chart or matrix but they always refused.

This is not limited, the connection started on 2nd of March 09, as that day the modem is installed and I am getting Feb 09 bill charges also, even efter notifying them to make the correction thet do the same extra charge calculation and generate the bill, every month I send email for correction but they do not even respond to it.

I am sick with this Hathway service…. I want some strong principal body can resolve this malpractice of Hathway.

I am attaching eMail communication done with them for this regards and also the bill with estra charges

Hitendra (111 KB)

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