Deactivate my number

Location/place: Thane, Mumbai

Name of company/service: Vodafone

I had emailed to vodafone at [email protected] to deactivate my number (9769363695) as I had another vodafone number. I received an automated reply which meant that the email was received by vodafone. I received a call from the customer care asking me not to deactivate and gave me lots of options. I did not want to continue with this number as I don’t want to make 2 bill payments. When I noticed that the number has still not been deactivated, I sent another email on the 17th Sept as I wanted the number to be discontinued before the next billing cycle started. I did not receive any call from the customer rep regarding the deactivation hence I called up on #198 on the 18th sept and spoke with the rep. After keeping me on a long hold, the rep informed that the number will be deactivated within 48 hours. Till date my vodafone number has not been deactivated. Today again I sent an email and also called up on #198. I spoke with the rep and after keeping me on a long hold, stated that my 1st email was rejected as I had opted for a prepaid plan. I told the rep that I had never opted for a prepaid plan since I want to discontinue with this number. The rep who spoke to me must have wrongly updated the information which was not my fault. The rep stated that as per my 2nd email which was sent on the 17th my number will be disconnected however it will take 7 more working days. This is really frustrating and vodafone has disappointed me. I have been using vodafone for several years and I had not faced any problem before. However, it seems now vodafone cannot give the service that it used to give. I am thinking of discontinuing the other vodafone number that I have. Regarding the number I want to discontinue, I have no intention of paying any bills after the 18th sept. I will make the payment which is due on the 6th oct and now I intend to throw and destroy the simcard.

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