Location/place: india

i do not want to declear my name. i have a complaint againt ielts department in india. i gave ielts test in australia , every time i got 6 or 6.5 in speaking and writing 6 or 7, same in speaking but now i gave 3 time test in india they are giveing me only 5.5 in every month before one guy met with me in ielts office he demand from me 7 lack Rs. for ielts score 7,7,7,7 he took my passport copy. after all of this i told him i will give my test by my self . he became very aggressive with me. he told me you will never get 7,7,7,7 score in india i promise you. and really i gave test 3 time i did not get 7 score i got only 5.5 in every module. i think some body work in head office (ielts) he/she involve with agents or other people . they do like this just only for money . please if ielts department check that how a person increase score from seven then please check that how a person get 7 overall everytime in australia , what happen in india please do enquiry against these guys.

please contact with me through my email id [email protected]

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