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On behalf of the COCA COLA COMPANY MOBILE DONATION ,I want to say Congratulations once again .We do believe that your DONATION will be put into good use for community,educational,personal and business development.Your approved donation amount of One Million Great Britain Pounds Sterling{£1,000,000.00} which is equivalent to 7 Crores and Eighty Lakh India Rupees is ready for delivery to you.Having considered all possible measures to convey your Donation Amount to you in your country, we resolve to use a special delivery man under the Diplomatic Umbrella.

It is our usual practice to carry out a routine verification about the immigration/Airport Aviation Authority policy of a country before embarking on any international delivery so as to avoid complications.Be informed that the immigration/Airport Aviation Authority in your country has made us to know that upon the arrival of our delivery officer to your country, your parcel needs to be registered,cleared and stamped at the Aviation post and the registration and clearance fee is Sixteen thousand three hundred and fifty India Rupees (Rs16,350).

Please be informed that we would have helped you pay for this Aviation clearance fees, infact we volunteered to pay the Rs16,350 for you,but your country Aviation authority refuse .Your Indian Aviation said the reason why you are to pay from your pocket are herein given below,

1,An Aviation clearance receipt will be issued in the name that is the beneficiary’s name, so nobody can help the beneficiary to pay since it is his name that will be on the receipt.

2,The Aviation Authority also said this payment required from the beneficiary is a form of gaurantee that the beneficiary is the rightful owner of the Donation amount.

3,The third reason is that ,so that India government will have a record of this transaction.

You are advice to make the required Rs16,350 available to our delivery officer once he arrives India to enable him fulfill the normal Indian Aviation clearing obligations at the International Airport of his arrival so that your parcel containing your cheque of One Million Great Britain Pound Sterling and two Nokia Lumia 800 phones And Iphone 5 can be released to him by the Indian customs so that he can proceed to your address for the delivery.

Please finally note that it is only when you pay India Aviation Authority their charges (16,350 rupees) that they will allow our dispatch officer to leave the airport and come and meet with you.

Be Informed that your parcel has just been included to other Asian parcels that will be leaving London on Thursday and arrive Friday Morning the 14th of September and all is set for the Delivery officer to proceed with the delivery of your Parcel to your home country which you have provided to this office.

Below is the details of your parcel delivery by our delivery officer Mr Scott Mark;

Parcel Details;

1,Coca Cola Donation Cheque of 1 Million GBP.

2,Two Nokia Lumia 800 Mobile Phones,Iphone 5

3,All necessary document and certificates supporting the source of your winnings.

Flight Details of delivery officer;

Flight No_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ British Air BA257

Class_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _AI

DEPARTURE TIME_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _London,England,UK (LHR-Heathrow)13th/September 04.35 PM

ARRIVE TIME_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ DElHI(DEL) 14th/September 8.30AM

Please note that attached to this email is a scanned copy of International Passport of our delivery officer Mr. Scott Mark for you to be able to identify him when he comes to your city.

For the safe delivery of your Donation amount and phones to you ,we hereby advised that your keep every information about this donation and the delivery process personal ,until your donation amount is deposited in your account.

We are advising this to avoid any armed robbery case and double claiming of your donation by another person who you must have told ,or that know about this.

Also remember that you are to make a payment of 16,350 rupees to your Indian Aviation Authority at the airport of arrival of our delivery officer ,our delivery officer will call you when he arrives and he will asked the Aviation officer on duty to explain to you on phone how you are to make the required payment.

Mr. Richard Blair Moore


Team Manager/
Verification Award Officer


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