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Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: rediff shopping

Dear sir
I had placed an order with rediff shopping website on 14th September 2012 by making advanced payment. It was supposed to be delivered me in 7-10 business days. Already 14 days have passed and still I have not received it. I have complained in the customer care many times but there is no response from their side. On the website they are showing that it has been dispatched but on inquiring the courier service I was told that there is no information about the airbill number provided to me. I am really disappointed as nothing seems to be working with them.Today they have mailed me that it has been delivered but i have not received it yet.I am feel like being cheated by this shopping website. I wish they should be brought to account for this delay and inconvenience, and indifference shown to the customer. please help me in this regard. The details of the order are given below:

Details of Order# 7401601
Products Vendor Courier Airway No Date URL
Multipurpose Air Pump BR. Enterprises TNT1 179919930 17-09-2012

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