Location/place: TARDEO, MUMBAI, INDIA

Name of company/service: AIRTEL

I had purchased one Airtel no from m/s Vishal Telecom, Sanjeev Bldg, Room No 5, Javer Road, Mulund, through Sales Officer Ms Bijal, Mobile no 9987692366. She Provided me 9987812340. However I paid by cheque Rs.500.00 being deposit for the same. When the number rand I was surprised that the no given to me was not there and a new no 9987810123. I refused to take that number and even did not use it. When I spoke to Ms Bijal, she said the number which was given to me ie 9987812340 was already given to somebody else and hence I had activated the above no 9987810123. I was so confused. I went to my Bank and stopped the payment for the said cheque issued to Vishal Telecom. Ms. Bijal said she would look into the matter and get the number cancelled.
After some days she again started calling me for some new number. I agreed and she gave the 9967112340. I was happy. After some days the bill for the first no 9987810123 came and I spoke to Ms Bijal she said she has sent a request to cancell the said bill.
In the meantime I received a bill for new no 9967112340, which I paid.
All of a sudden I received call from Airtel that if I dont pay the bill for old number 9987810123 my outgoing line is blocked. I tried contacting the Airtel from 30th October 2009. I have sent repeated mails to all the concerned officers in Airtel, ie [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Last message I received was to contact the Airtel gallery, which I did at Fort, but I was given reply to contact Appellate authority on 9987244865 of Nodal Officer on 99872234865. I tried calling but nobody bothered to pick up the phone. I had no option but again to send a mail. I have send a mail to all on 25th November 2009.
Please lodge my complaint and let me know the formalities at your earliest.
Thanking you,
MOobile no 9967056161 /022 23544857

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