Location/place: Balaghat

Name of company/service: Flipkart

I have order book on 18-9-2012 from flipkart of Rs. 595 the order no. Is OD20918162902 the shipment date is 22-9-2012 then i phone them after 22-9-2012 they said it will qreach you within 2 days then i phone first flight courier they said it will go to alligarh but i ordered to balaghat then again i phone flipkart and tell about this problem they said they will consider qnd it will reach upto 24-9-2012 then i call on 27-9-2012 to flipkart they said it is on allahabad it will reach after 3 days and then i call first flight courier they said its current location is on allahabad and it will reach alligarh and the book was very imp for my exam which is on 28-9-2012 tracking no. B11426364

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